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About FEA

How FEA Labs Began

Friends of mine have been telling me throughout the years that I should make and sell the stomp boxes that I was building for them and myself.  I always thought that my friends drank too much beer. Most of what I had made already existed in some form and I didn’t think that there would be a market for what I had to offer.  While I was shopping for a new compressor for my bass rig I was then convinced that my friends might be right after all.

I have tried several compressor stomp boxes with my bass guitars over the years. Some of them were vintage units, some were new designs, some were so-so and some were just awful sounding. I liked the concept of the dual band compressors that I had tried but none of them were exactly what I was looking for.  They were non-transparent or noisy and one of them even made a great distortion box. I then realized that what I was looking for did not exist in a single stomp-box, so I started to experiment with what gear I had lying around…

What has evolved into the “perfect bass compressor” for my rig, turned out to be an accumulation of equipment. It was a clean pre-amp, a variable active crossover, two channels of optical compression and a mixer to get it all back into the amplifier.  Then the task was to put all of this equipment into a stomp box.  After many months of building, testing and tweaking I had what I long sought after. I have a compressor that has nearly no background noise (hiss), does not alter my instruments natural tone (transparent) and the compression is perfect for bass guitars, especially for my basses with dropped tunings. With great pride and success of my “perfect bass compressor” I decided that I would build them for the more discriminating musician that is looking for a true studio quality compressor in a stomp box. Thus, I created FEA Labs.

Contact Information

Please use the Contact page for general inquiries.

Artist Relations Information

Are you an artist that uses FEA Labs products and would like to be featured on our Artists section?  If so, please visit the Artist Relations Information page to find out more about the program and its benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please view the FAQ page to find frequently asked questions and answers.

Your Satisfaction Guarantee

We take great pride in the quality of our products and your satisfaction is our #1 priority.  Products purchased directly from FEALabs.com allow for a 2 day (48 hour) evaluation period where in if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return it for a full refund.  In order to take advantage of the guarantee, you must contact FEA Labs within 48 hours of receiving your shipment to make arrangements for the return and then the full retail price will be refunded to you after we've received and inspected the return shipment.

Please note that the customer is responsible for return shipping costs.  Any original shipping costs, including any international tariffs, are not covered and will not be refunded.  Only the actual price of the item, plus tax (where applicable), is covered under the terms of our money back guarantee.

Warranty Information

All FEA Labs products are fully covered for a period of 5 (five) years for electronics and the foot switches are covered for 1 (one) year against defects in material and workmanship.  Abuse, neglect, and modifications are not covered under the warranty and may result in additional repair costs.  The customer will be responsible for shipping cost to and from FEA Labs for repairs.

Please contact me before attempting to return a unit for repair.

All repairs made outside of the warranty period will be very reasonable (usually only the cost of the parts).  Your satisfaction is priority one.

Product Upgrade Policy

At FEA Labs, we take great pride in our work and are always looking for ways to make our products the best the market has to offer.  We feel it's important that you know that you're getting the best product available from us, so we've established an upgrade policy. 

Visit the Product Upgrade Information page for full details.

Shipping Information

Please view the Shipping Information page for full details.

Check Out the Build Process

Want to take a peek at our manufacturing process and see how our pedals come to life?  Follow along in our progress for the new compressor build in our photo journal of the process.

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