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Dual Band Optical Compressor / Limiter - Build

This picture shows the main compression boards in their completed state.  It takes almost 2.5 hours on average to fully populate each of these boards by hand.  These boards are used in both the full featured and SMX models of the dual band compressor line.

Click the image to view a larger version.

Compressor boards, fully populated

This next picture shows the power boards in their completed state.  It takes about an hour to fully populate each of these boards.  These boards are universal and used in all FEA Labs pedals.

Click the image to view a larger version.

Power boards, fully populated

Here we see the cases in the in the first three of the five stages of production:

Compressor Cases

  • The first stage is the machining process where all the holes are precisely drilled at a local machine shop.  All cases in the image above have been through this stage of the process.
  • The second stage is sanding and aluminum chromate treatment.  This stage is performed to help keep the boxes from oxidizing over time and to provide a better base for powder coating (paint).  The case on the left with the raw metallic finish demonstrates this stage.
  • The third stage is the first coat of the powder coating (paint), which gives them their vibrant color.  The center (green) and right (blue) cases illustrate this stage.

Below is a picture of the enclosures for each of the compressor models in their completed state, having gone through the forth and fifth production stages:

    Completed Enclosures

  • The forth stage is affixing the faceplates to the case.
  • The fifth and final stage in case production is to add an epoxy clear powder coat over the entire enclosure, sealing both the first coat and the faceplates.

Nearing completion, the next stage is wiring all the controls, jacks, LEDs, etc.  The picture below shows the inside a new FEA Labs Dual Band Compressor / Limiter with the wiring completed:

Wiring Completed Thumb

The final step is adding the finishing touches and quality assurance testing...