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Product Upgrade Policy

At FEA Labs, we take great pride in our work and are always looking for ways to keep our products among the best the market has to offer.  We feel it's important that you know that you're getting the best product available from us, so we've established an upgrade policy.  With this new policy, we offer upgrades to specific product models at little or no cost to you with the exception of shipping and possibly parts (depending on the upgrade).

This plan is our way of letting our customers know that we really care about your experience with our products and we stand behind all of our products 100%.

Dual Band Distortion Upgrades

A few Dual-Band Distortion customers have expressed a desire for more edgy, open tone from the pedal.  We took their suggestions and made a few other circuit changes that expand the DBD capabilities.  These changes will be the new standard for all DBD pedals going forward and we thank everyone who has made suggestions.

The changes are as follows:

  1. The drive range for the low-band side has been doubled.
  2. The low-band harmonic filters have been removed so that the tone is a bit more aggressive.
  3. The clean dry blend level has been doubled.
  4. The drive range for the high-band side has been doubled.
  5. The amplifier sag effect in high-band FET OD circuits has been reduced for a tighter, more focused sound.
  6. The high frequency harmonic content into the high-band overdrive circuit has been increased and the distortion diodes have been changed to LEDs.  This allows you to acquire a more open, edgy tone from the high band side.
  7. The activation/bypass circuit has been changed, because it was reported that a DBD customer had a faint bleed through of the distortion in bypass while using a battery.  Note: Customers using an external power supply do not experience this issue.

Cost:  These updates are free to all FEA Labs direct customers, whether you have purchased the Dual Band Distortion or any other FEA Labs product from the web site.  For those that have not purchased anything directly from FEA Labs, we only ask that you pay return shipping costs.  All upgrade customers will be responsible for the cost of shipping the pedal back to FEA Labs to install the upgrades.

Upgrade Requests:  Please use the Contact page and select the subject "Upgrade Request" to schedule the upgrade.  We will then contact you with shipping instructions and payment information (when applicable).

Dual Band Optical Compressor Upgrade / Fix

There have been a few reports of the Dual-Band compressors behaving strangely when they share a common power supply with some other pedals.  The problem has been identified and there is a simple modification for the compressor to remedy this issue.

The symptom of this problem is that the compressor’s LED’s will indicate compression with no signal present.  The units that may be affected would have been purchased between August 1, 2009 and February 1, 2010.  There are two ways to correct for this issue:  

  1. Use an isolated power adapter on the compressor or 9V battery.
  2. Contact FEA Labs to send your unit in for the modification.

Please contact me at info@fealabs.com before sending your unit.

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