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Jayme Lewis

FEA Labs Featured Artist: Jayme Lewis

Jayme Lewis is a touring and studio bass player, clinician, teacher and composer residing in Los Angeles, California.  Jayme is also a skilled producer and engineer, producing bands & artists out of his home studio.  For more information about him and his work please visit Jayme's web page.

Jayme has produced a video in which he reviews and demonstrates the Dual Band Optical Compressor / Limiter.  Please take some time to watch the video and also check out other videos produced by Jayme on YouTube or on his website.

Mark Pirro

FEA Labs Featured Artist: Mark Pirro (Photographed by Allison V. Smith)

Since the early ’90s, Mark Pirro has been present in the international music scene as bass player for the neo psychedelic rock band Tripping Daisy and choral symphonic rock group The Polyphonic Spree, and has recently joined the lineup of Dallas-area band Menkena.

 With a keen ear and attention to detail, he naturally gravitated toward studio work, where he has acted as engineer/mixer/producer on numerous albums, as well as soundtrack and commercial projects for both cinema and TV (with one project earning an Emmy nomination for the artist/music).

From there, his inquisitiveness and love of audio drove him to develop the Copperphone, a handmade microphone that delivers a uniquely vintage sound. Soon after, he started Placid Audio to oversee small batch production of the microphone, which is being used in studios around the world and by some of the premier musical artists of today.  Mark Pirro is now proud to endorse the fine products of FEA Labs.

(Photograph by Allison V. Smith)

Todd Richmond

FEA Labs Featured Artist: Todd Richmond

Todd Richmond, aka "nostatic", is a bassist, writer/producer/educator based in Los Angeles. A multi-instrumentalist (with a Ph.D. in chemistry from Caltech just for good measure), he played guitar in rock and funk bands during the 80’s, then moved to bass in a variety of jazz ensembles in the 90's performing up and down the west coast. In 2001 he joined the Kaz Takeda Quartet, appearing on a number of albums released in Asia and performing in Los Angeles and Japan.

Currently Todd can be found gigging tirelessly throughout southern California in his own ensemble nostatic trio +, Steely Jam (a Steely Dan tribute band), various casuals, and a musicians collective that performs pro bono shows at nursing homes around the southland. His ability to seamlessly move between jazz, funk, soul and rock along with his “big ears” keep him in-demand as both sideman and band leader. An alumni of Victor Wooten’s Bass Nature Camp, Todd plays to live and lives to play, one pocket at a time.

His FEA Labs Dual Band Compressor is "always on," and is an integral part of his sound that needs to be at home anywhere from jazz ballads to roaring funk and all points in between.

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